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Projectors for pubs and clubs need to be affordable and reliable, check out our range we have specially selected for you to suit all budget. If you want to narrow your search results then use the filters to refine your search for features such as Lumens, Resolution, Lamp Life etc. If you need advice on which projector is best for your Pub or Club then use call our sales advisor's on 01256 882629

Projectors have been used in pubs & clubs for a number of years now, certainly since Just Projectors started in 2001, we have had numerous calls, in fact they were one of the few buyers of DLP projectors in the early days due to the sealed optics not being affected by smoke damage. Things have moved on, projectors have improved and of course the no smoking ban has stopped the poor projectors ending up with yellow tints, but the need for a long lasting projector which runs for multiple hours is still in demand. DLP projectors still probably would be our first choice, although they seem to run a little hotter than LCD projectors, they don't suffer from panel burn and the cheaper ones won't come with a 24/7 warranty and they are certainly a cost effective pub projector. If you have limited space, then a short throw projector can offer you the chance of a large image from a close distance but not good on pull down screens so a plain white or light wall is a good option. If you are showing SKY sports then the HD projectors are a must, people are used to seeing HD quality, having anything less will cost you customers, the price isn't bad around the £700 mark, the brightness needs to be based on the lighting condition of your pub or club, 2500 lumens plus is about right. If you have a really bright room then 4000 lumens will help but don't just go for the brightness one possible, go for the right brightness, the image always looks better in a lightly dark area so if you are thinking of where to place the projector take that into consideration. If you are social club again I would say go for a HD projector, if you are using it for more than 4-5 hours at a time, again DLP is the right answer. Projectors that offer the best value are Infocus & BenQ, they come with good warranties, low replacement lamp costs and ease of use. We get a lot of calls from DJ's wanting a projector, in this case you probably don't need HD quality as you might just be showing abstract images, so maybe a WXGA projector is the right choice, it will not matter whether its LCD or DLP due to the time you are going to run it. We have some club owners that just buy the cheapest SVGA projectors, run them into the ground for a year and then throw them away, it can be a cost effective way. We do halls for the army, they tend to go for the installation service as well where we put up say a 3m wide projector screen, hang a projector from the ceiling and a good HD bright projector, we can do any UK mainland area so make sure you ring us for a price if you want to do down that route.

If you are a camera club then you need better quality then just LCD or DLP, the Laser or LCOS type of projection mode is the best for accurate colours, if you are showing off some photos they need to represent true life colours, not something that DLP does perfectly and LCD can be a little chicken wire effect, so LCOS which stands for Liquid Crystal Over Silicon have all the benefits of LCD colour accuracy and DLP contrast without any of the drawbacks apart from I'm sorry to say price, they are over £1k and in most cases £2k. Not a lot if shared between 30-50 people but still a large investment so you need to get this right. We often can get you better pricing than the website, so take the time to give us a call or ask us for advice, we specialise in selling projectors, we now our stuff and we can either chat online or take your call so ring 01256 882629.

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