Fastfold Projector Screens

Just Projectors offer a full range of formats & sizes of Fastfold Mobile Screens, in stock and at great prices. The beauty of a Fastfold Screen is that they are easily assembled in less than 10 minutes, and are large projector screens suitable for exhibitions or large venues. These screens may show out of stock but are on a short lead time. Front or rear projection material options. Please note that all of our measurements are the viewing area not including black borders or legs. We provide telephone advice to ensure that you purchase the right screen so why not give us a call on 01256 882629.

Fastfold Projector screens are a large audience mobile projector screen that can be assembled on site and then put away into its bag/casing and is easily transported. The assembly is simple and can be carried out by one person, the first time it might take 15 mins to set up but after that under 10 mins. The basic idea is that you have rods that are connected together but they have a fixing that allows them to bend, when you want to make up the screen then you simply click all the rods together to build the legs, then put on the frame and then place the projection material which can be either front or rear projection. When finished do the opposite and off you go. Other types of mobile screens just cannot be transported so easily as they have rigid canisters, try fitting a 5m screen into your car and see what happens.

Some of our fastfold screens are called rapid fold, they are the same; it's just like hoover and vacuum cleaner most people know this type of screen as fastfold but they are the same. We often have up to 4m large projector screens in stock but the larger ones can take 2-3 weeks to come in so allow plenty of time. If you want to create a really great professional impression then why not choose a dress kit as well, this will hide the legs and have a black curtain like material at the bottom. There are heavy duty leg options for the larger screens. Mobile screens that can be this large are popular with Drama Groups, Event Management Companies, Hire Companies and Production Companies. If you want a mobile projector screen solution with an ultra short throw projector then one of the smaller fastfold screens are worth considering as they provide a very flat surface which is a must for a short throw projector. Getting the right aspect ratio is important so if you have a XGA or SVGA projector then you need 4:3, 1080p is 16:9, WXGA or WUXGA is 16:10, we are here to help and often can offer a better than web price so take the time to chat online or call us on 01256 882629.