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Sony VPL-PHZ61 Projector

Lumens 6400
Resolution (Native) WUXGA 1920x1200
Contrast 999,999,999
Technology LCD
Light Source Laser
Light Source Life (Est.) 20000
Weight (kg) 7.000000
EAN 4548736142022
Throw Ratio 1.23 - 1.97
The VPL-PHZ61 is a bright ultra-compact professional projectors are enhanced with smart features and an all-new anti-dust system. They’re an inspired choice for conference rooms, university lecture halls and large classrooms as well as Esport applications.... Read more
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Education/Business Use
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Impressively small, light 6,400 lumen laser projector

Beautifully slim and light with the smallest body in its class, the VPL-PHZ61 laser projector combines outstanding picture performance with up to 7,000 lumen centre brightness and impressive reliability. A discreet blend-in design, minimal maintenance needs and flexible installation options make it the natural partner for today's integrated AV environments.

21:9 support opens doors to new applications

21:9 projection displays offer a new dimension of immersion across various applications, making them essential for those who seek to capitvate, educate and entertain. The VPL-PHZ61 will now support 21:9 aspect ratio with 2560x1080 signal input allowing you to innovatively project ultra-wide hybrid meetings on larger screens that optimise visual present of remote participants.

Bold, rich colour even in brightly lit rooms

Even powerful projectors can suffer from washed-out colours in strongly-lit rooms. Sony's Bright View technology delivers high-impact images without sacrificing colour. Reality Creation also ensures images, diagrams & text look clear and sharp, even in bright rooms. There's even an ambient light sensor to measure room brightness.

Clearer images and text

Reality Creation uses powerful algorithms that boost resolution closer to 4K-like quality. Reality Text improves visibility of characters: great for conference rooms, university seminar rooms and large classrooms.

Bright, beautiful colours

Bright View is Sony's unique processing technology that brightens images while maintaining rich colour - even in brightly-lit business and educational environments.

Enhanced viewing experience

Intelligent Settings with Ambiance uses a built-in light sensor to measure room brightness, automatically adjusting Bright View mode, colour gain and Reality Creation to suit your presentation environment.

Enjoy optimum pictures while saving energy

The VPL-PHZ61 makes sound business sense, helping you reduce running costs in corporate and educational environments. A new Auto Light Output feature works in conjuction with Ambiance, optimising image quality and maintaining high visibility while reducing power consumption.

4K 60P input support

Support for 4K 60P input signals makes life easier when you're using the VPL-PHZ61 in multi-screen setups with flat panel sub-screens. Just split the same 4K signal to drive all your display devices with no conversion needed. There's also support for devices with content protection such as 4K UHD players.

Brighter for longer with less maintenance

There's plenty of innovation inside the VPL-PHZ61 to keep pictures looking clear and bright over the projector's operational lifetime with minimal maintenance - in any environment.

Designed with intelligence

Intelligent Settings simplifies installation and maximises performance based on usage, image detail, colour richness and fidelity, light output, cooling level and output noise. The Meeting/Classroom function controls laser output to keep the brightness as high as possible for years of real-world use.

Keep dust out of the picture

The projector's laser light source is sealed to prevent dust accumulation and eliminate reduced brightness. The dedicated cooling duct structure for the projector's 3LCD panels is covered with an air filter to prevent dust from entering.

Hassle-free filter care

Focus on great-looking images instead of time-consuming maintenance. The new dust filtration system makes changing filters a thing of the past for general use in classrooms and meeting rooms*. For heavier use in dusty environments there's a new clogging sensor to advise when filter cleaning is needed.

*Dust density < 0.03mg/m3 and operating time < 10,500 hours (1,500 hours/year over 7 years).

Data cloning

Settings for one projector can be copied to other projectors using a USB memory drive. This greatly simplifies installation and setup of multiple projectors.

Auto input select

The Auto Input Select feature automatically selects an active signal input, so there's no ned to change input each time a device is connected to the projector.

Auto power on

Connect the VPL-PHZ61 to a switched-on computer, and the projector turns on automatically without having to operate the power button.


The VPL-PHZ61 is a bright ultra-compact professional projectors are enhanced with smart features and an all-new anti-dust system. They’re an inspired choice for conference rooms, university lecture halls and large classrooms as well as Esport applications.

Item VPL-PHZ61
Weight (kg) 7.000000
EAN 4548736142022
Technology LCD
HDMI Inputs 2
Contrast 999,999,999
Lumens 6400
Throw Ratio 1.23 - 1.97
Resolution (Native) WUXGA 1920x1200
Light Source Laser
Light Source Life (Est.) 20000
Short Description

3 Year Warranty

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We provide advice on the phone listening to your requirements we are able to help you get the right one as we have trained staff . We have a network of installers to cover your area. On higher end models we can arrange a loan or demo. We think most people should buy HD resolution , they are so affordable now and you wouldn't buy a 5 year old laptop so why buy SVGA which is over 20 years old. Yes XGA & WXGA are ideal for simple presentations and education use but we have all been use to decent home TV's or high resolution phones or tablets so why put a huge image on the wall/screen which is inferior. There are some great brands out there like BenQ, ViewSonic, Epson, Sony and less known ones like EIKI or Vivitek. Yes you can buy the wrong one, this is why we still offer advice rather than just an add to cart website. We have a price promise, we see the models, we often put one against another and see which one is best. We only buy UK stock, which has higher warranty standards to ensure you get real value for money. We don't sell the cheap brands as the lumens aren't verified. Look at our name it tells you that we are committed to this product and we have a great reputation in the market place for price and customer service. We supply the UK but also in Ireland, we offer a 1-3 day service to Ireland.