Rear Projection Film

Having the flexibility of projection film giving you the chance for a non standard size and the advantage of being able to deal with high level of sunlight is a reason why these products are in high demand. Typical applications for projection film is shop windows. We will need to speak to you regarding the size you want, we have put a few standard sizes on the web but really all you need to do is ask and we can check if there is a film suitable for your needs.

When you have a film say on a shop window you might want to attract a larger audience by having a better "gain" on the projection film, the higher the number of the gain the more at an angle the person will be able to see it, hence further away from the side. Some of our projection film are different colours either to increase the contrast which is the depth of the blacks for say dark images or for the ambience or brightness of the location. To buy Projector film just isn't really a click and buy sort of product, you will need advice so why not chat online or call us on 01256 882629.