Hall Projectors

Epson Gold LogoSchool Hall education projectors or auditorium with additional warranties to suit all budgets.If you want to narrow your search results then use the filters to refine your search for features such as Lumens, Resolution, Lamp Life etc.. If you need advice on which Hall projector is best for you call our sales advisor's on 01256 882629.

There was a time not long ago that the school hall projector was a 2000 lumens, XGA projector costing £1000 and not everyone in the room could see it. Nowadays there is no excuse to get less than 3500-4000 lumens, the prices are so good, under £1000, in fact we have a 6000 lumens high brightness projector which is under £1000. Do you need every feature on the projector, probably not, it is essential to be network managed so you can switch it on/off remotely, be able to check the lamp life and other maintenance needs.

Probably still going to XGA or WXGA as the content you show in the school assembly is probably a Powerpoint presentation or quick video, so a good clear image with bright vivid colours is what is required. If you do want to have a film club or show better video content such as HD then 1080p or WUXGA is a must, but the prices add another £800 plus pounds onto the price tag, although in truth you are probably going to keep the projector for 4-6 years and it's going to be worth it to keep up with future technology. Often school hall or lecture room projectors are installed, we can of course do this for you as we have a Nationwide team of trained installers, but where you place the projector and the image size is really going to push you to a certain model. For those tricky set-up the options can include a short throw projector mounted on the wall so gets rid of any high ceiling issues but does limit image size to around 3m wide and most be a permanent wall or screen not just a pull down screen, maybe if you have to place the projector along way back but don't want a massive image then a projector that either has a long throw lens as standard or go for a projector which is a body only solution and then buy the additional lens to meet your specific needs. We really need to chat with you when you are buying a projector to be installed, there are factors that need to be considered and we have been selling projectors for over 14 yrs so we know what we are talking about. Buying for education also means that you get the best warranty deals out there, anything from 3 years on projector and the lamp to de/re install warranties which mean someone will be sent out to take the projector down if there is a problem, and put it back up when its fixed or replaced. From time to time manufacturers offer 5 year deals, so that is a great time to get the best value. Great education projector brands to consider are Epson, BenQ, Panasonic which took over the Sanyo business, they really want the education projector business and they have a full range of large venue education projectors which are good one the budget. We make purchasing easy, we accept purchase orders, ship the goods to you and then invoice. Our customer service team are there after the sale to help and we pride ourselves on having a large number of repeat school customers.