Education Projectors

When choosing one for your school you are subjected to so much choice, and more questions than answers; should you go for a lamp free one, a special warranty one, what resolution, which inputs to use, can I place it in the same place as the old one, is it now time to move to short throw.  Call us or chat online as we can give you honest instant feedback  to save you time and money. 3 pointers buy at least  2500 lumens, buy the best resolution you can afford,  get one with a HDmi another £30 a year over the lifetime.  Short Throw projectors should be your only solution for fixed use, easier to maintain, less glare for teachers and cheap to run. Don't get sucked into 20,000 hr they are still too expensive and it's still cheaper to buy a new lamp . We know the education market, we can accept a purchase order and we like to give you impartial advice, just chat with us.

Need them installed then we can do that for you as well.
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