Gaming Projectors

The guys in the office here, spend hours gaming each week but having a life size image is the only way to max the enjoyment. Also being 3D does it for them. Let us give you some pointers, if you are on budget then just get one with a HDmi, brands like Infocus offer great value for money & good image quality. Control the lighting so you don't buy high lumens, get 1080p if the budget will go to that. If you have a limited space like a bedroom then go for a shorter throw lens to maximise your image size. Get a cheap pull down screen for under £100, it will help with the image. If you go 3D then buy cheap active glasses from Amazon. If you want top drawer quality look for frame interpolation. But let us help you choose the one for you, hit the chat button or ring us on 01256 882629.

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