Make a Projector Wireless

Wireless adapters turn your projector into a wireless solution. The affordable solution to make your existing projector wireless or your new projector wireless is by use of a dongle or adaptor. Simple to use and great as you can use them on your next model. If you need help as to which wireless adapter to use then call us

Choosing the right wireless adaptor depends on three things, which input you want to use whether its vga, hdmi or usb. Then what resolution is your projector, and your source, if you have a 1080p combination then having a wireless adaptor that can stream at that quality level makes sense, so look for the 1080p dongle, otherwise go for the standard one. Do you want it to use mains power or be powered form the projector. If you have a large distance for the wireless to run from then it's best to check with us so we can find the ideal solution.

If you need help choosing the right wireless projector solution then call our expert sales people are happy to help or use the chat button on the side.