BenQ Projectors

A BenQ can be either DLP or LED and they range from SVGA (too low a resolution really to be buying) through to WUXGA. A fantastic brand who bring out new models regularly with new features so they are serious about improving projectors. Pronounced BEN-Q they have a excellent business range, very popular short throw education and a decent affordable home range that isn't going to break the bank. One of our top 3 brands we sell, (we are in their top 3 resellers in the UK), every one is designed to be reliable, affordable and easy to use. Model numbering is simple if it contains  X = XGA, W= WXGA, ST is short throw, S is SVGA. BenQ in 2015 have launched their pro-av models where you can get higher resolution, interchangeable lenses and easier to install models. Buy a BenQ and you will be happy.

Come on take 5 mins to chat to us on the chat button or call us and we will give you a better price than advertised. There are many great BenQ models to buy but we can find the ideal one for you.
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