Photographer Projectors

So you want premium colour quality for your photographs, these specially selected projectors will suit all budgets. Look at the LED Pico range with built in SD cards for the single user photographer, camera clubs tend to full into two camps, one's with large budgets so the Lcos Canon range is a main contender, or the under £1000 budget, we suggest if you need top quality colours then try 1080p LCD or Better Quality DLP 1080P. They might be home cinema units with Lumens around 2000-3000, but then if you control the lighting you will get competition level of colours.

Camara clubs are often run by committee, we understand the process and will help you select the right choice to fit your budget. Photographers make a living from selling photos, when you have created that perfect picture, show it off to your clients in life size image to create the amazing wow effect.