Ceiling Recessed Projector Screens

Just Projectors offer a full range of formats & sizes of Electric Ceiling Recessed Projector Screens, in stock and at great prices. An Electric Ceiling Recessed projection screen is professional choice for in-ceiling projector screen solutions. Please note that all of our measurements are the viewing area not including black borders or canister size. We provide telephone advice to ensure that you purchase the right screen, so why not give us a call on 01256 882629.

In the past ceiling recessed projector screens were well over £2k and not that easy to install, since they have become more popular as people like the discreet nature of a screen just coming out of a ceiling tile or hidden in your home, also the price has come down. A lot of boardrooms now install in ceiling projector screens, you do need a void in the ceiling to place the screen, you will need to measure carefully and probably still have an expert to fit it for you as it is not just your average DIY, but the impression when the screen comes out of the trim is amazing. Some electric recessed projector screen are more money than others, this is usually due to the trim kit whether it's plastic or metal or the motor you use. The three main brands of electric in ceiling recessed screens we have many in stock for next day delivery are Sapphire, Draper and Screen International, we have tried other brands but these are the best.

Finding the right ceiling recessed projector screen does require some help and we are here on 01256 882629 to run through your specific requirement or go onto our chat button. If you want to do the search yourself then filter your results from the left.