Manual Projector Screens

Just Projectors offer a full range of formats & sizes of Manual Projector Screens, in stock and at great prices. Manual screens fix to the wall or ceiling. Please note all our measurements are the viewing area not including black borders or canister. We can save you money if you call 01256 882629 and provide advice. Manual projector screens are an affordable and easy to use solution to enhance your projector image, you can either fix it to the wall or hang it from the ceiling.

When you want to the use the screen then all you need to do is pull the screen down. The format of projector screens varies from 1:1, 4:3,16:10,16:9 and it's best to match the screen to your projectors aspect ratio, especially if you have black borders otherwise you will have an odd bit of white on the screen that has no image on it. There are slow retractable screens to avoid the material getting creased when it goes back into the canister. The more expensive manual screens will come with more flexible fittings where the two points of fitting doesn't have to be equal. Please note that 1.5m is roughly 5ft, 1.8m is 6ft, 2.1m is 7ft and 2.4m is 8ft. If you need to know what size image your projector will produce from your desired distance, we can help, it will take about 1 minute and save you time ordering the wrong screen. All our screen are good quality, from recognised brands not just cheap Chinese brands. We want you to be happy with your projector screen purchase so remember we are here to help.