Just Projectors offer a full range of formats & sizes of Projector Screens, in stock and at great prices, it is best to select a sub category from this page as the selection of projector screen is based on what you use it for, so go to the left hand side and tick the one you want. Please note that all of our measurements are the viewing area not including black borders or canister.

Projector screens are used in many locations and for many uses, for instance a home cinema projector screen would probably be a 16:9 aspect ratio to match the Full HD resolution of the projector. It would have a slimline canister if a retractable one as nobody wants an industrial looking screen in their house. If you were buying a projector for a certain size audience then the criteria of seeing if this is the right screen for you would be based on the size of the screen and often the layout of your room, for instance if you have wider rows rather than more rows back then the screen could be smaller as the back row person would struggle to see it, so an audience size of 100 people 20 to a row, 5 rows back could have a smaller screen than the same audience size 10 people to a row and 10 rows back. This can seem confusing so take the time to chat to us online or call us on 01256 882629, we have sold thousands of screens over the last 15 years and we know our stuff and often can save you money in the process, so it's worth the call or chat.

Certain types of projectors like short throw projectors prefer a flat surface so we have a special area here for you with some suggestions. Just an idea on sizes as it can be tricky if you are imperial to switch to metric, 125cm is 4ft, 150 cm is 5ft, 180cm is 6 ft, 210cm is 7ft, 240 cm is 8ft, this isn't exactly right but close enough, you also need to think will this screen fit in my car if being transported that way; the canister is always longer than the visible viewing area so you need to take that into consideration for instance a 210cm wide screen could be as much as 240cm by the time there are borders added and a motor for the electric screen.

Here is a selection of the screens we do, but there are many others as we know we have the right one for you at a great price, often cheaper than the web advertised price so take the time to chat online or call us on 01256 882629