Electric Projector Screens

Just Projectors offer a full range of formats & sizes of Electric Projector Screens, in stock and at great prices with a choice for the screen to be wall or ceiling mounted. Projector Electric Screens can vary from Standard Electric, to Twin Motor, Tab-Tensioned and Ceiling Recessed. All sizes are viewing area. We provide telephone advice to ensure that you purchase the right screen so why not give us a call on 01256 882629

Electric projection screens are very popular and affordable, so let's look at the different types of electric screens, why are ones worth buying and how we can help you find the ideal screen solution for your needs. All sizes are the viewing area, not the black borders or the canister, this is the part the image shows on and so you will need to calculate the space you have available. Also you will notice some screens are say 200 x 200 (1:1), 200 x 150 (4:3), or 200 x 116 (16:9) , 200 x 125 (16:10).  4:3 screens match the resolution XGA and SVGA, SXGA+, 16:9 is 1080p HD and 16:10 is WXGA, WUXGA. Some electric screens have a remote control instead, some are RF controlled and some are IR. If you spend more than a standard projector screen price you can get a perfectly flat screen known as a tab-tensioned screen. If you want to conceal your screen then a ceiling recessed electric screen is ideal, you will need a void.  So our screens might be £20-30 more expensive but they will last, they have warranties and they produce a flat surface. 

Why not filter your results to the right aspect ratio or the type of electric projector screen or the width of the screen, or better still give us a call on 01256 882629 or click on the chat button.