HD Projectors

We have a full selection of HD models that link to your blu-ray, games console or Sky box and enjoy a fantastic image. Includes Full HD 1080p, 720p and HD Ready come with HDMI. The price nowadays is so good that 1080p HD has grown quicker than any other resolution, so they are not just home cinema models but the right choice for the professional. HD ready is when you want to link to a HD source but not expect the 1080p quality. We say check out the Infocus & BenQ range, they offer best value at the moment. We are here to help on your selection so hit the chat button or call us.

If you want the Ideal HD Projector then call us on 01256 882629, we are here to give you the best deal, if you want to do the search then first select whether you wan't Full 1080p, 720p or HD ready, then use the other filters to find your ideal HD project