Office Projectors

Office Projectors offer you the ideal solution if you are showing presentations and/or videos in your office, we have a range of office projectors for all budgets. If you want to narrow your search results then use the filters to refine your search for features such as Lumens, Resolution, Lamp Life etc. If you need advice on which Office projector is best for you call our sales advisor's on 01256 882629

Having a projector in your office means that you are able to display a great deal of information to either your staff, clients or your suppliers. Most office projectors need to be moved around from place to place, able to be used by numerous people so they need to be easy to use and you need them to work when you want them to work, so they need to be reliable. A typical specification of an office projector is between 2700-3500 Lumens (which is the brightness it needs to be so that you can see the image in normal daylight) and the quality which is defined as the resolution is usually XGA or WXGA projectors. If you have mode modern laptops or PC's then the preferred resolution is WXGA as its widescreen and that is how monitors have gone in the last few years. Also an office projector needs to be able to be linked to a tablet such as an iPad without any fuss so having a HDMI connection makes life easier. You probably will not be running the projector every day, so lamp life although you want to get great value isn't the main reason for buying, so go for say 5000 lamp life on the projector. Using that 5 hrs a week is a 1000 weeks = 19 years, do you see what we mean, you will probably have a new one by then. To be able to forward your Powerpoint presentations is useful with the remote control so look out for a USB B connection, the one like the printer connection. If you want just to load a USB stock known as USB A then having that connection is useful but being a pc free projector often doesn't quote 'live up to expectation', although Infocus have done something clever with internal memory now so that is a big breakthrough. If you need to install your office projector, we of course can offer a professional and helpful installation service, we can guide you through the process, advise you with the best projector for your room(s) and get you the best value. So take the time to chat or ring us. 

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