Portable Projector Screens

Need a mobile screen then the options are Tripod, Mobile Floor, Table Top, or for the larger audience Fastfold projection screen. We display the viewing area measurements so the canister will be larger. To save time & money hit the chat button or call 01256 882629 for lower pricing than the web. General advice for buying a screen, think audience size they need to be able to see the image, the more people the larger the screen needs to be & also can you fit it in your car (1.8m is max). Tripods are heavier but cheaper, floor pull up quicker to set up, table top for very small audience and Fastfold are in a kit form so you can get huge sizes like 6m and just pack them in handy trunk which easily fits in your car. Get the right shape known as aspect ratio, this saves lots of unused white space & ensures you can maximiser your image size. Don't buy a short throw projector and use it with a tripod or pull up screen.

When choosing a portable projector screen it's important to get the best size for the audience and the mode of transport you maybe using, call us for help on 01256 882629 for better pricing or use our chat button. If you know what height, width, and aspect ratio that you are looking for then feel free to use the filter feature on the left hand side to narrow down your search.