Large Audience Projector Screens

Just Projectors offer a full range of formats & sizes of Projector Screens for large audiences of over 150 people, in stock and at great prices. Whether it be for fixed or mobile use, front or rear projection, we can provide the best solution for you. These screens are ideal for large venues. Please note that all of our measurements are the viewing area not including black borders or canister. We provide telephone advice to ensure that you purchase the right screen so why not give us a call on 01256 882629.

If you need a screen for a large audience you probably will have a decent high brightness projector, the larger the audience the bigger the screen needs to be as the room layout needs to ensure that the person at the back of the room can see the image, so screens over 3m are large. There is only one type of portable screen for large audience projectors and that is the fast fold projector screen or sometimes called the rapid fold screen, they are like putting up a tent (without the pain), click the legs together, build the frame and pop on the material, it does help if there are 2 people but once you have mastered it then you could do this on your own. The reason they are so popular is that as a kit form then you can get a large projector screen in your car, rigid case solutions like tripods or pull up screen just wouldn't fit in anything other than a large van. The fast fold screens also give you a perfectly flat projection surface, ideal for enhancing your projector,as the rule is the flatter the better. If you want a fixed solution lets look at your choice for a large audience big projector screen, firstly the electric projector screen; it lives in its canister until you need it, then by pressing the remote or a wall switch it comes down. Yes there are manual pull down screens but they don't tend to go up to 3m + as the material finds it hard to return into the canister when there is so much of it. The upgrade to the electric screen is the tab tensioned one, really anything over 4m wide is best tensioned to avoid the shaggy bottom of the screen. Fixed frames screens don't tend to be huge but they are worth mentioning as they give a good result. We can supply almost any size screen, yes they my take a couple of weeks to be custom made but our prices are great and our service is exceptional, we want your business so we always have low priced screens. Why not talk to us today about your requirements, via the chat button or call us on 01256 882629, we are here to help.