Classroom Projectors

Epson Gold LogoClassroom education projectors with additional warranties to suit all budgets. We offer expert advice on which Classroom Projector would best suit your needs. If you know what spec of projector you want for your classroom then just filter on the left hand side, or give us a quick call on 01256 882629 and we can help you. We accept purchase orders from schools & colleges, we have great after care service and we offer impartial advice on the best choice for you. 

How does Just Projectors help you know the right one for the job, well we ask you the model of the one you are going to replace, to measure the width of the screen and the distance back to the mount, yes that is a bit annoying to have to do this, maybe the room is busy but you are faced with the prospect of having to spend more money for a projector with a better zoom and greater flexibility where it is placed for the sake of maybe 5 mins.  Upgrading from the VGA really old connection to HDMI. Casio in the most part, offering staggering 20,000 lamp life. Yes they are good but they are not cheaper to run, other brands offer 10000 lamp life, 1 replacements would still be cheaper than the Casio's but there is the hassle of having to have a spare lamp and find someone who can change it although it's really simple - undo 2 screws, pull out, put new one in and do up 2 screws. The other big decision to make is do you go down the ultra short throw option, place the projector directly over say the whiteboard, avoid the annoying glare into the teachers eye. There are plenty of these short throw classroom projectors, the best brands for schools are Epson, NEC, BenQ offering great pricing and fantastic warranties ensuring you have total peace of mind. Buy a classroom projector might result in multiple projectors being rolled out, so you need to get a bulk buying discount or a projector that one solution fits all, we know we can help you with that, chat with us or call 01256 882629.

We sell many classroom projectors, we prefer to speak to you as there are various factors to consider. We offer great pricing, we can accept a purchase order and we have experts that know their stuff. Please call 01256 882629 for advice.