Church Projectors

Need a projector for your church or place of worship? We have a full range of bright, easy to use projectors. If you need advice on which projector is best for your church use call our sales advisor's on 01256 882629.

Churches buy projectors so that people can see items such as hymns, watch the latest video or the various church groups can get together and see a large image. 2 years ago it was almost always a £3k budget, now you get better quality for less. If you can use a short throw projector now you can place it directly on the wall, and the price is under £1k. So that is great news. Churches vary so much, but usually a brightness of 3500-6000 lumens is a good starting point when deciding which one is best for your church. 

Churches used to buy long throw lenses but there are now other options. We can save you money on your budget, let us talk to you as your set up will be unique. We can install. It might be that a large format display will work better in your church.