Mini Projectors

If you want to carry a projector around but can't afford the space or weight then these mini projectors are the only choice. We have tested over 100 mini projectors and the cheap ones break and the resolution is crazy bad, don't waste your money on them.Having a mini projector might seem like a good idea at first but we still suggest you carry a little more weight and get a much brighter more useful projector. Often the mini projectors have a large battery pack, or limited battery life. Yes they will come with a good long lamp life but in our experience and the reviews we get back people tend to be a bit disappointed, not with the build quality but the size of image they can get in normal lighting. We always will help you find the right one, but let us help you make the right decision we offer impartial advice.

Mini Projector Advice Line -If you need more help finding the right one then take just 5 mins to call us or chat, there are some pitfalls and we really want you to not waste your time or money.

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