Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Ultra Short Throw projectors produce the biggest image at the closest distance, we have a great range for all budgets. If you want to narrow your search results then use the filters to refine your search for features such as Lumens, Resolution, Lamp Life etc. If you need advice on which projector is the best ultra short throw projector for your use call our sales advisor's on 01256 882629

Ultra short throw projectors have changed the projector world so much in the last 5 years. Before if you did't want the annoying shadow effect in your face then you had to do rear projection, not ideal for schools and education but also the cost of a rear projector screen was expensive and it wasn't interactive. Anyway, projectors started to come with short throws even some full HD short throw projectors are ideal for the smallest of rooms in the house, interactive short throws, ultra short throws which allowed you to be 19 cm back for every 1 m wide image, and these short throws started to be hung from a wall mount directly over the screen rather than hanging in the middle of the room. This saved on cabling and installation costs. Ultra short throw projectors don't like pull down screens whether manual or electric and also mobile screens whether tripod or floor. The reason being is they are designed to go onto a fixed rigid surface such as a whiteboard, interactive whiteboard or even a wall, if you wanted a projector screen then it needs to be a fixed frame one or if you need a mobile solution then a fast fold one that pops material onto a frame. The other limitation is the size of the image, in truth you need to be no more than 3.2m back, otherwise the image starts to curl a little, there are some projector brands that tend to do a better job than others when the image gets bigger. So if you are restricted in space then an ultra short throw projector is a fantastic idea, they are a little heavier than standard ones so if you need something a little lighter then go for a short throw rather an an ultra short throw, they tend to be around the same weight, basically a throw that is 50cm back for every 1m.

If you need help finding the right Ultra short throw projector then take 5 mins to call us or use the chat button on the right bottom of this screen, if you don't need any help then use the helpful filtering on the left to narrow your search.
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