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  • Lumens: 3300
  • Resolution (Native): XGA 1024 x 768
  • Throw Ratio: 0.35
  • Contrast: 20,000
  • Technology: LASER-DLP
  • HDMI Inputs: 1
  • Lamp Life (Est.): 20000
  • SKU: XJ-UT331X
  • EAN: 4549526800740

The XJ-UT331X has an ultra short throw ratio of 0.35:1 meaning it can produce a large image from just a short distance from the screen. It eliminates shadows on the screen and the health and safety worry of looking into the lens. Not only does i ... Read more

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Product Info

The XJ-UT331X has an ultra short throw ratio of 0.35:1 meaning it can produce a large image from just a short distance from the screen. It eliminates shadows on the screen and the health and safety worry of looking into the lens. Not only does it sit so close, but it is 3300 lumens so there is no loss of clarity even in the brightest lit rooms. It has XGA resolution which is great for presentations, short video clips and images. 

Just Projectors review on the XJ-UT331X

If you wish to play longer videos or movies then I would recommend going up to WXGA resolution which is widescreen as most modern videos are now widescreen so you will not have any stretching or compression. However, XGA will still give you a sharp image throughout the day. 

The Casio XJ-UT331X is designed for the modern classroom with it being lamp free, it will sit right up next to the board. Having a hybrid projection system this projector incorporates the dust free sealed optics of DLP, the ultra long lamp life of LED and the crisp image quality of Laser in one big bundle, and although the price tag certainly reflects that the long lamp life means that the total cost of ownership certainly competes with the cheaper models 

Your IT department will also be delighted with this projector because through the RS232 inputs you can set up email alerts and control when to turn the projectors on and off remotely. This can prolong lamp life by turning it off when it is not vein used.

For a more detailed technical specification check out the PDF on the left hand side, or if on mobile version it is below.

What Casio say about the XJ-UT331X

The innovative laser and LED hybrid light source means that the projectors from CASIO represent a pioneering advance with regard to matters of environmental protection: Since 2006 EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) has placed considerable restrictions on the use of toxic mercury. Up to now one exception has been projector lamps for use in daylight. Projectors from CASIO have a light intensity of up to 5000 ANSI lumens – and are able to achieve such levels without the use of mercury-vapour lamps. The combination of laser and LED also reduces power consumption by up to 40 percent thereby lowering operating costs as an additional benefit. The brilliant outstanding results make it clear to see that the laser and LED hybrid light source from CASIO is truly a milestone in projection technology!

The actual power of the CASIO projectors lies deep within: the revolutionary laser and LED hybrid light source. This technology is the centrepiece of the projectors and functions without any need for quicksilver – in complete contrast to conventional projector lamps. The new innovative light source from CASIO not only offers exceptional projection performance – due to its low wear it also manages to deliver this continuously high level of performance over a long period of time and even makes projections possible in daylight*. Added to this is an extensive service life of up to 20000 hours meaning that unexpected outages caused by defective lamps are a thing of the past. This service life corresponds to a period of use lasting six hours a day 220 days a year over the course of an entire 15 years. In other words: A single projector from CASIO can easily deal with 10000 two-hour meetings. This level of durability can only bring benefits to the education sector: The long service life of the light source means that there is no longer any need to worry about lamp outages and subsequently having to cancel lessons – at least not for 15 years. * For projections in daylight i.e. without darkening the room a minimum of approx. 2000 ANSI lumens is required depending on the size of the room.

CASIO projectors and their exceptional light source are sure to amaze with their brilliant colour reproduction and wide colour range which is amplified by the Helmholtz–Kohlrausch effect: This optical phenomenon causes the subjective perception of brightness to increase with the degree of colour saturation. As a matter of fact the CASIO projectors cover a larger part of the colour spectrum visible to the human eye. The greyscale rendition of the innovative daylight projectors is also near perfect: Black actually looks black and not like a very dark grey. Clear vivid images with rich colours and the finest of nuances – an immersive experience for all involved.

CASIO is a pioneer in the area of environmental protection and already meets the criteria of the Minamata Convention. 92 countries including Germany Austria and Switzerland have committed to ceasing the manufacture import and export of products containing mercury from 2020 onwards. This also applies to mercury-vapour lamps used in projectors. CASIO has met this deadline with ten years to spare by already eliminating the highly toxic heavy metal from its projectors and converting the entire product range to a mercury-free innovative laser and LED hybrid light source since 2010 – a light source that also boasts impressive energy-efficiency levels (watts/lumen).

Thanks to the Direct ON/OFF function CASIO projectors reach their full brightness after a maximum of five seconds – at just the push of a button. As a result long waiting times and annoying warm-up and cool-down phases are a thing of the past – a fact that saves precious time! Lessons can start immediately and follow a more flexible structure as the projector can be switched on quickly at any time. Set-up and clear-up times for business presentations are also made considerably shorter.

Japan is CASIO's spiritual home and stands for high-quality production of first-class products. It therefore stands to reason that new devices series are produced here. And this is exactly what is happening with all current LampFree projectors from CASIO: The phrase Made in Japan becomes a genuine promise of the product's origin and quality standard with regard to precision and reliability.

All elements of the CASIO LampFree projector are produced in Japan. After all the laser and LED hybrid light source featured in this product requires state-of-the-art technology and compliance with exacting specifications. Our production system encompasses the research and development departments at the Hamura Technology Center in addition to the manufacturing and inspection departments at the CASIO factory in Yamagata to enable rapid development of our products.

Thanks to the new fully automated production line at the CASIO plant in Yamagata projection quality is precisely tested using our in-house software. Trained technicians complete the assembly of our high-quality LampFree projectors to a high degree of precision. CASIO also continues to use its own unique technology to further optimise the LampFree projectors.

The innovative projectors from CASIO adapt flexibly to different lighting conditions: Thanks to the dynamic brightness control* the projectors produce a brilliant image at all times – even under changing lighting conditions. This feature also has the added benefit of saving power.
*Does not apply to the Core series.

The combination of laser and LED not only produces brilliant results – it also reduces power consumption by up to 50 percent thereby also lowering operating costs. Power consumption is only 0.23 watts (Pro series: 0.4 watts) in standby mode – meaning that CASIO projectors go beyond the requirements of the current EU directive* aimed at reducing the power consumption of technical devices. Thanks to their excellent level of energy efficiency (watts/lumen) CASIO projectors require such low power consumption–even in normal brightness mode–that they consume as much power as some conventional projectors equipped with mercury lamps when in eco mode.
*EU regulations (no. 1275/2008).

Each time they are used conventional projectors are only able to function for a limited period of time. On the contrary CASIO projectors can be used around the clock thanks to the special CASIO light technology and proven DLP? technology. This feature opens up a wide range of potential new applications such as digital signage – an area in which projectors could not previously be used due to their limited maximum operating times.
*Once every 24 hours the projectors must be briefly switched off and then on again. For continuous use of over 12 hours a day separate warranty conditions apply.

Thanks to the WLAN* capabilities up to four computers can project at the same time via a single projector. CASIO projectors are therefore ideal for presentations and talks involving multiple speakers or for comparing solutions to problems in classrooms. Cumbersome wiring between the PC and projector is also a thing of the past. The quick and easy WLAN connection can be established via PC tablet PC or smartphone.
*Function available on selected models. Please see the detailed product description.
**E.g. using the free software network connection (PC) or C-Assist app (Android and iOS smart devices).

A special free app has been developed for CASIO projectors* that can be used to integrate modern media such as tablets or smartphones (Android and iOS) into lessons or presentations – thereby opening up completely new possibilities during their design. The presenter is able to move freely around the room and interact with the audience. More information about the CASIO app can be found here.

Network-compatible projectors from CASIO make presenting multimedia content* in meetings or lessons extremely simple and convenient. Network-compatible models are fitted with a media player that can be played via the USB port or directly from the internal memory (approx. 2 GB). This means you can simply save the desired files on a USB stick or directly in the internal projector memory and leave your laptop at home. Especially practical for ceiling installations: Files can also be stored in the internal memory via WLAN.
*Common video and image files as well as PDF files and converted PowerPoint presentations
** The necessary WLAN adapter (YW-40) is available as an optional accessory for the Advanced series

Weight (Kgs) 5.7000
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Technology LASER-DLP
Lumens 3300
Throw Ratio 0.35
Resolution (Native) XGA 1024 x 768
Lamp Life (Est.) 20000
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Bright 3300 Lumens

20,000 Lamp Hours

High Contrast Ratio


Ultra Short Throw


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About Casio
Casio since releasing their green slim version has seen a huge increase in sales. Having the LED /DLP Hybrid has resulted in long lamp life of 20,000 something no other proper brand can do. So they stick to high use requirement, the school that runs them every day all day, or the leisure centre knocking out digital signage. When you take all that into consideration then the higher price tag is justified. Being slim also has a following from the mobile presenters, just slip them, into your bag and off you go. To understand the range “UST" - ultra short throw range is ideal to mount on the wall over a whiteboard or fixed screen, getting rid of the annoying shadows if the projection is blocked by the presenter. The Casio Green Slim series which has the prefix "XJA - 1 for XGA or XJA -2 " for WXGA are ultra slim . The pro Series is the professional range of projectors, the prefix is "XJ-H" and again 1 is an XGA projector and "2" is a WXGA projector, it comes with advanced connectively, efficient lamp saving then it doesn't need the full brightness it turns down the lumens, and there are wireless options. The Casio signature range the "XJ-M" is super quiet range suitable for business applications and classrooms.

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We provide advice on the phone listening to your requirements we are able to help you get the right one as we have trained staff . We have a network of installers to cover your area. On higher end models we can arrange a loan or demo. We think most people should buy HD resolution , they are so affordable now and you wouldn't buy a 5 year old laptop so why buy SVGA which is over 20 years old. Yes XGA & WXGA are ideal for simple presentations and education use but we have all been use to decent home TV's or high resolution phones or tables so why put a huge image on the wall/screen which is inferior. There are some great brands out there BenQ, Infocus, Epson and less known ones like EIKI or Vivitek. Yes you can buy the wrong one, this is why we still offer advice rather than just an add to cart website. We have a price promise, we see the models, we often put one against another and see which one is best. We only buy UK stock,which has higher warranty standards to ensure you get real value for money. We don't sell the cheap brands as the lumens isn't verified.  Look at our name it tells you that we are committed to this product and we have a great reputation in the market place for price and customer service.  We supply the UK but also in Ireland, we offer a 1-3 day service to Ireland.

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