Projector Bulbs

Stop don't buy a lamp! 

We believe 70% of lamp purchases are the wrong decision. A quick 3 mins with us on chat or by calling 01256 882629 will help you. We are experts, sorry to brag but we have a repair centre & we know what is wrong with your projector, it probably isn't the lamp, more likely the power supply to the lamp or a LCD/DMD failure, which means a new lamp won't fix the problem. Even if it is the lamp then sold then don't buy the lamp, you can get a new projector for a not a great deal more. Consider your old model is out of date, technology has improved so much in the last 3 years, brightness is now cheap, resolution like 1080p is standard & better connectivity. If you are concerned that it's wrong to throw away your current model, the justification is new model are more power efficient, and don't have mercury lamps in them. However if you want a lamp then buy genuine or genuine inside, we get offered counterfeit lamps each day at £20 and we say no, but if you see a lamp for half the normal price then you are buying a counterfeit lamp which might at worse be a fire risk and at best be a worst performer. Buy cheaper genuine inside option if the budget is tight, these still have the manufacturers seal of approval. 

Please ask us before you buy a lamp,. we can save you money.