We now offer amazing leasing options as an easy payment solution for both Education & Business in association with an approved Leasing company, CHG Meridian. Click here to find out more about them.

Often when you are committing to capital purchases the upfront costs are prohibitive so leasing can offer a way forward. Education enter into operating leases. 

Why choose leasing?

- Effective Cost Management - Spread the cost of your chosen assets

- Lower Total Cost Of Ownership - The total of the rentals will generally be lower than the capital cost

- Defer Payments To Match Budget Alignment

- Lower Maintenance Costs 


Capital Amount: £3306    Term: 36 Months   Payment Frequency: Quarterly   Payment Profile: 1 + 11  Payments: £265.21 per quarter  Amount paid is £3182.52 .

At the end of the Lease there is an option to either:

- End the Lease

- Continue Paying existing amounts

- Negotiate a new term and reduced payments

Click here to see a sample of an agreement

So what is the next step, let us identify the equipment you need, we can then get a quote for you from the Leasing company and they will then help you with all the legal aspects. Please call Peter on 01256 885863 who can help you further or contact us using our contact form. 

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We have been in business since 2000 & provide advice on the phone, listening to your requirements we are able to help you get the right solution for you as we have fully trained staff. On higher end projector models we can arrange a loan or demo unit so that you are able to try before you commit to spending. There are some great brands out there such as Epson, Optoma, Sony & Hitachi. Major brands recognise us as Gold Partners. Yes you can buy the wrong one, this is why we still offer advice rather than just an add to cart website. We offer bulk discounts & we have a price promise, we see the models, we often put one against another and see which one is best. We only buy UK stock, which has higher warranty standards to ensure you get real value for money. We don't sell the cheap brands as the lumens aren't verified.  Look at our name it tells you that we are committed to this product and we have a great reputation in the market place for price and customer service.  We supply the UK but also in Ireland, we offer a 1-3 day service to Ireland.

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