Dry Wipe Boards

Just Projectors offer the full range of formats & sizes of Dry Whiteboards, in stock and at great prices. A Dry Whiteboard is for a fixed solution, not unlike a picture frame, and are normally used in classrooms and boardrooms. Please note that all of our measurements are the viewing area not including black borders or canister size. We provide telephone advice to ensure that you purchase the right screen, so why not give us a call on 01256 882629.

The reason we sell whiteboards is they are an ideal choice for an ultra short throw projector which must have a hard surface to project upon. If you have an interactive projector it also makes sense having a whiteboard as you can get the benefit of your interactive projector to turn your simple whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard but at a fraction of the price. Whiteboards do not tend to be the standard aspect ratio because it can be useful to project an image and then have space to write on the side. Standard whiteboards that you buy from say an office supply company will not have the right surface and may cause a hot spot or glare when using a projector. All our whiteboards are carefully packed so we offer a 2 day service rather than next day as it allows us an extra day to put on additional packaging, otherwise the couriers seem to have fun bending them.