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We pride ourselves in giving pre-advice - here are the most common questions that we get asked on a daily basis regarding education;

- How to choose the right projector for my classroom?

Most schools go for a short throw projector, if this is the route you choose to go down then the lumens are normally less as the projector sits closer, so the lumens range for an education short throw is 2500-4000. Our Educaiton Short Throw bestsellers are Epson EB-685W & Epson EB-685Wi. If you are going for a standard throw projector then the same rules apply for audience size as we have suggested for business; up to 50 people should be between 3500 and 5000 lumens, up to 100 people should be between 4000 and 6000 lumens and anything of an audience size above that then please give us a call.

- Can I get bulk buying discount

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Yes! If you are looking to buy in bulk then we offer great discounts on a huge variety of items. Prices vary from product to product so please call us on 01256 882629 or chat online today to enquire about a quote for a specific bulk order.

- Do you offer Leasing on larger purchases?

Yes! We now offer amazing leasing options for high value orders; please see our leasing page here.

- Can I have a demo?

Yes! We have a large range of items which are available for demos. Call us on 01256 882629 or click here to book your demo today.

How do I make my projector wireless?

The reason projectors don't come with it built in is because it would need firmware updates and your projector could become obsolete very quickly. You can make your projector wireless by purchasing a wireless adapter along with your projector. The way to decide which one to go for depends on whether you want to show really good quality content such as videos, don't want to download any software or apps & whether you want one without a physical transmitter.  Click here to see our full range of adapters.

Why is there a lot of Short Throw options?

The closer the projector, the less beaming light in the teacher's eyes, which is why short throw has become very popular for education. However, they tend to be a bit more expensive and can sometimes be outside of the schools budget. 

Do we do installs?

Yes! We offer installs for all of Mainland UK & all our engineers are DBS checked. The price varies room to room, however there are discounts when there is more than 1 room (subject to site survey & high ceilings). We offer a full 'Turn Key' solution and we are happy to discuss your requirements.

- My projector is ceiling mounted and I need the new one to sit in the same place, is that possible?

Yes it is possible. If you have a fixed screen as well we would need to know the distance away the projector is from the screen and the width of the screen or tell us your projector model number. We can help you work out the throw ratio which will narrow your choices down. If we have to recommend you one with a wider zoom it can be more expensive. So spending 5 minutes measuring and getting it right can save you £££'s, & then we can help you straight away on the phone if you already have the measurements.

- Do I need a projector with a long lamp life?

Projectors used to have a 2000 hour lamp life which made the total cost of ownership very expensive as replacement bulbs were average £500. Typically nowadays, lamp life is between 10,000-15,000 hours and replacement bulbs are averagely between £70-£150. 

For example; hours used per day = 7, at school 5 days a week  = 35 hours a week, average school year is 38 weeks = 1330 hours per school year. This means that a typical lamp would last between 7.5-11 years.

There are also a lot of laser and LED projectors now which do not require any lamp changes and estimate between 20,000-30,000 hour life.

- Education Best Sellers

Epson EB-X49 - 3600 Lumens / 1.48-1.77:1 Throw Ratio / XGA Resolution - a common replacement for existing projectors

Epson EB-685Wi - 3300 Lumens / 0.28-0.37 Throw Ratio / WXGA Resolution - a low-cost interactive solution

ViewSonic PX701HD - 3500 Lumens / 1.5-1.65:1 Throw Ratio / HD Resolution

About Just Projectors supplying the education sector

- We accept official Purchase Orders

- We supply all local authorities

- Major brands recognise us as Gold Partners

If you are still unsure and have some questions, please call our projector specialists on 01256 882629 who can help you further or contact us using our contact form.

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