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  • Lumens: 4000
  • Resolution (Native): XGA 1024 x 768
  • Throw Ratio: 1.38-2.24
  • Contrast: 15,000
  • Technology: LCD
  • HDMI Inputs: 2
  • Lamp Life (Est.): 12000
  • SKU: V11H865041
  • EAN: 8715946642635

The Epson EB-970 is a high quality projector that produces bright and vibrant images which is great for a bright office or a classroom environment since it has 4000 lumens and a fantastic warranty for education users. With the aid of the LCD technology the EB-970 produces realistic and true-to-li ... Read more

Education/Business Use
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Product Info

The Epson EB-970 is a high quality projector that produces bright and vibrant images which is great for a bright office or a classroom environment since it has 4000 lumens and a fantastic warranty for education users. With the aid of the LCD technology the EB-970 produces realistic and true-to-life colours which are perfect for photographs, web designs and camera clubs.

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This EB-970 is a XGA resolution 1024 x 768 projector, perfect for showing PowerPoint presentations, displaying text and showing photos, videos and moving images. Take a moment to think about if you would benefit from a widescreen projector; if you are connecting to a widescreen source it is best to match the aspect ratio but the XGA resolution will give you a sharp and clear image. Epson projectors such as the EB-970 have a unique manual keystone slider along with the automatic vertical keystone correction, allowing it to be easily and quickly set up and used. This unit makes both a great installation projector for classrooms and offices and also a versatile portable projector too. If you would like this projector installed, why not give us a call and we can offer you a quote along with a screen to suit your needs. The Epson EB-970 is only 3KGs so it is easily transportable. This projector has 2 HDMI ports and VGA ports, future proofing you from all the rapidly changing technology. There is the 3 in 1 USB input so you can display your image, sound and mouse control all with one USB cable and you can present PC-free via a USB stick. This has optional wireless too, by buying a wireless dongle additionally – a cheap upgrade. The Epson EB-970 has a standard throw ratio and a long lamp life of 12,000 hours. If you want to learn more, take a look at the detailed spec sheet on the left hand side for more info.

What Epson say about the EB-970

Thanks to this bright and vivid XGA projector, you can enhance every lesson with a large and scalable screen size. Long lasting and hassle-free, this model offers up to 10 years' worth of lessons before a replacement lamp is required or the air filter needs attention1. It's easy to set up and offers a range of connectivity solutions, so you can quickly access content from multiple devices.

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With this XGA projector content will be bright, vivid and clear ensuring that everyone can engage with the lesson. Providing excellent visibility, this projector is scalable up to 300 inches and is bright even in high ambient lighting conditions. It’s all thanks to the high 4,000-lumen output and 15,000:1 contrast ratio.

When resources are limited, our reliable projectors and long-lasting lamps help to eliminate downtime and unnecessary service costs. Imagine what you could achieve with minimal interruptions - our projectors help to make that a reality with up to 10 years’ worth of lessons before a replacement lamp is required or the air filter needs attention1.

Every classroom is different so you need a projector that is simple to set up and position. With our wide 1.6x optical zoom and vertical/horizontal keystone correction, it's easy to get up and running quickly.

Capture your students' attention and nurture a collaborative environment with hassle-free connectivity solutions. With the iProjection app, it’s easy to display content from PCs and smart devices2. The split-screen function can be utilised to show content from multiple devices simultaneously, while the moderator function lets you review content before it is displayed.

Key Features
  • Bright and vivid display: XGA projector offering 4,000 lumens and 15,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Minimal maintenance: 10 years’ worth of lessons before maintenance is required1
  • Flexible installation: Horizontal/vertical keystone correction and 1.6x optical zoom
  • Enhanced connectivity: Dual HDMI ports, MHL support, RJ-45 Ethernet, optional Wi-Fi
  • Collaborative features: iProjection app, split-screen function, moderator function


If you wish to upgrade your warranty to an additional RTB warranty for a small extra charge​ then choose that when at the check-out . Full details are available from our sales advisers


Weight (Kgs) 3.0000
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Technology LCD
Lumens 4000
Throw Ratio 1.38-2.24
Resolution (Native) XGA 1024 x 768
Lamp Life (Est.) 12000
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2 x HDMI

3 In 1 USB

Bright 4000 Lumens


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About Mobile Presenter

Confused about Mobile Presenter Projectors , here is our Mobile Presenters Essential Buyers Guide?

You can read this our just call us on 01256 882629 and we can help

Know what is most important thing when YOU buy a mobile projector

When buying a mobile projector it's likely that the weight of the projector and size is at first seems the major factor in which mobile projector you think is going to be best for you. Remember if its 0.4Kg heavier thats really no more than a packet of ham, so don't pay extra or lose some connectivity just for a really small difference in weight unless of course you are flying then it does make sense. But a word of warning, Pico Projectors the tiny LED projectors are not suitable for an audience size more than 5 , they just are not bright enough. Do you need a bag to carry it around, maybe find an old laptop bag or use the handle some manufacturers like BenQ use on their boxes, you will pay an extra £35 on average for a projector that comes with a bag.

Another criteria often specific to the portable projector is the flexibility of location. Maybe one day you are visiting a company and they have the perfect set up, a room that the light can be controlled or no direct sunlight and you can place the projector in any position to get the right image size. The next day you visit a premises that has limited space, so you are struggling to get a large enough image without being in the way all the time and the last day you go to a location that is very bright and you have no way of controlling the room conditions, if this is your type of experience then the weight of the projector being slighter lighter really shouldn't be your major concern, you probably are taking it in a car, walking from a car park and then going to the office, far better therefore to have a slightly heavier projector that never lets you down regardless of the locations you visit. It is always best when choosing a mobile projector to list your priorities, weight, flexibility, connectivity and rank them. Certainly the ultra short throw projectors that will never let you down for space are bigger than most mobile projectors but when you have limited space they are really the only option.

Some really important things to remember when buying a portable projector

Get the right resolution: Put the main part to your budget in getting the best resolution you can afford unless you have such a specific requirement that has to found first in a mobile projector

  • PC/Laptop/MAC -  XGA or WXGA or better (yes you can get SVGA but only if the budget is really tight as the number of pixels which make the image quality is really low).If you want higher quality then buy 1080p HD or WUXGA resolution, the sort of resolutions you would expect to use if you were a web designer. If you were to mark resolution out 10 so you could get a real comparison as to how good they are against other resolutions this would be the answer

SVGA 3/10     XGA 7/10     WXGA 7.5/10 (same quality as XGA but more flexibility)   SXGA+ 8.5/10    1080p 9/10   WUXGA 10/10

Getting the right brightness (measured as lumens) -your audience size determines what brightness the projector needs to be for the simple reason that the mobile projector will have to be placed further back and there is more light for the image to go through to make it to the screen. For fewer than 20 people an image size of up to 1.6m wide would be plenty, and would require a 2500-3000 lumen projector. If the audience size was 20-50 people then a 1.8m wide screen is ideal and the brightness 2700-3200 Lumens. For 50-100 people then go for a 2m wide image and 3000-3500 lumens. If your audience is larger than 100 people then it would be best for you to give us a call on 01256 882629 to discuss.

Connectivity: many portable projectors are now coming with HDMI as standard, and if you can afford the extra for your projector then you will future proof yourself as HDMI links well to modern laptops and tablets.

There are projectors that have USB slot capability but they cannot run windows so they will show still images like a power show rather than a power point presentation. There is software out there to convert Powerpoint to Jpegs but you will lose your transitions. I have found that the Epson's range offer good USB A software and they are easy to use. Also Infocus have released projectors with internal memory which is a great step forward, still a couple of menu issues which can be annoying in certain circumstance but a improvement just to usb A.There is talk that other projector brands are about to release internal memory projectors which is fantastic news.

Throw Ratio sounds like its going to be complicated but its not. Every mobile projector has a throw ratio, in most cases you usually see under the spec something like 1.5-2.0 or 1.95-2.15 . This describes the ratio of the distance back the projector needs to be compared to the width of the screen. For instance on a 2m wide screen you would just multiply both numbers by 2 and that is the distance back, so for the first example 1.5-2.0 then the answer would be 3.0-4.0m for a 2m wide screen. We have made it easy for you as there is a throw distance calculator on on projector pages so you can either enter the width of the screen or the distance back and it will return an answer so you can then decide is this the right portable projector for me, or just call us and we can help 01256 882629. Going back specifically to a mobile projector if you have a projector with a good zoom on it for example the 1.4-2.0 rather than 1.95-2.15 then you have more flexibility with the image size for those various locations you might visit. If you have limited space you might remember I discussed the Ultra Short Throw Projectors, well they have usually a fixed lens, no zoom but they can be as close as 0.24 which is 48cm for a 2m wide image. But they are heavier so maybe look at one with a throw ratio of 0.5, or 0.7 which are still closer than standard , just a little but heavier but give you total flexibility.

Remember to look at the projector guide at the bottom of the page to get a more detailed overview of projectors 


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We provide advice on the phone listening to your requirements we are able to help you get the right one as we have trained staff . We have a network of installers to cover your area. On higher end models we can arrange a loan or demo. We think most people should buy HD resolution , they are so affordable now and you wouldn't buy a 5 year old laptop so why buy SVGA which is over 20 years old. Yes XGA & WXGA are ideal for simple presentations and education use but we have all been use to decent home TV's or high resolution phones or tables so why put a huge image on the wall/screen which is inferior. There are some great brands out there BenQ, Infocus, Epson and less known ones like EIKI or Vivitek. Yes you can buy the wrong one, this is why we still offer advice rather than just an add to cart website. We have a price promise, we see the models, we often put one against another and see which one is best. We only buy UK stock,which has higher warranty standards to ensure you get real value for money. We don't sell the cheap brands as the lumens isn't verified.  Look at our name it tells you that we are committed to this product and we have a great reputation in the market place for price and customer service.  We supply the UK but also in Ireland, we offer a 1-3 day service to Ireland.

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