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Viewsonic PJD6250L - Networkable projector

Viewsonic PJD6250L - Networkable projector
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When choosing a projector there are many things to consider, will it link to the source I'm using, will it be bright enough for the room, is the quality as good as I need it to be, what special features does it have and will it offer the best value for my budget. So bearing

all that in mind, we believe that the ViewSonic PJD6250L projector will get the big thumbs up.

3300 Lumens XGA Resolution Multiple inputs including full networking

Mobile or Installation Use High Contrast Long Lamp Life

Bulit in 16w speaker Horz & Vertical Keystone Adjustment

Will it Link to my Source?

It has an excellent array of connections, 2 VGA ports which means you can link to any laptop or desktop that has this older connection, 2 HDMI's (very unusual) for modern connectivity such as laptops, Macs, iPads, and other tablets. USB A this could allow a memory stick to be run from it, however this will mean you are only able to display things like JPEGs, so if you are running a PowerPoint presentation you will need to use readily available software to convert it. This will not run high end video but it is able to run small video clips. One of the really special features about this is that it is fully net-workable, something that is not found on many models under £1000, what this allows you to do is send content from one room in your office or school then you can use your network to display that content in another room, normally you need to have to a dedicated laptop etc in the same room. Also with the MHL is has Chromecast functionality and works will with mobile devices.

Will it Be Bright enough for my Room?

So without having to get everyone to sit in the dark, the PJD6250L can work with lights on and produce an image size from 30" to 300" diagonal (that is very large) making it suitable for many rooms such as classrooms, large meeting rooms and churches. It is bright enough, so you can use it on the go, you will not be caught out with going to a clients premises and finding that they had a very bright room in which to present.

Is the Quality Good?

It is HD Ready not full HD, so it is designed for PowerPoint presentations rather than home cinema. It provides a very clear and easy to read image, and in fact 72% of all projectors sold are still XGA so it is a very current resolution and a cost effective solution.

What Special Features?

As already discussed the connectivity is well beyond a model for the price but it also has made life very simple with the Horizontal and Vertical Keystone correction, most projectors allow you to adjust the height (eg Vertical) but this projector can have a left and right adjustment up to 30 degrees. The 16w built in speaker means you do not need any other audio solution, most projectors have a 2w speaker, so this is impressive at 16w. Having a cable management hood also gives a neat and tidy installation solution. The preferred installation colour of white/grey means it will blend seemly into your ceiling, great for rooms where the projector needs to be discreet.

Does it offer good value for money?

There are many projectors with a spec of 3300 Lumens XGA, you might say that you don't need all this connectivity, well maybe not at the moment but if it doesn't cost you any more to be future proof then that's a no brainer. Having the net-workable solution really will mean that more people get to use the projector, it will be easier to manage and again that makes it excellent value for money. Even on the simplistic reason that it has a long lamp life, so the total cost of ownership is good value. Not having to buy a separate sound system again will also save you money as it comes with the 16w built in speaker. This projector has a 3 year warranty and is a reputable brand that has been making projectors for over 40 years.

So, if you think you are ready to replace you old projector or just need a new one then this PJD6250L should be a serious contender. There are certain questions we need to ask you to make sure this is ideal for you, we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase so take the time to just pop us a quick email back and we can get this under way.