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Make your Projector wireless

Make your Projector wireless
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Lots of searches are for wireless projectors, in fact Google has this one of the key words people look for, so why then are there only a few wireless models. There clearly is a need for them, the benefits of no ugly wires,everything is wireless, it makes sense to be able to send data to a projector using the WiFi.

Well there are really simple solutions out there that means pretty much every model could be wireless, just add a dongle. Either into your VGA port, USB Port or HDmi port depending on the dongle and what works best for that model. Some of the wireless adapters are tiny, some require power, some will handle full video 1080p quality, others are slow on the bandwidth.

Looking at USB A port dongles first, these are in general only useful for basic Microsoft packages, not suitable for video transmission. You get usually supplied with a CD which you need to download, insert the dongle into the USB A port, which is going to connect the projector now to the pc you are using, choose the lost of WiFi networks , launch the supplied software and then the image will be the same as your laptop.There are ways to make it more secure but it does slow it down, distance is limited to around 10m. Best selling Projector that we tend to sell with USB A dongles is the Infocus IN2126a

The best quality for 1080p is by using a wireless sender kit, it sends the 1080p without compressing it, they run from 2-15 metres when sending uncompressed 1080p, they are much more expensive around the £220+ mark but that is the only real solution of you want top quality. A cabled IR receiver is plugged into the transmitter which receives your remote control commands and that in turn passes it back to the transmitter, then through a cabled IR emitter to the source. Sound complicated but it isn't.

Check out our dongle page to find out more, but don't just wish for wireless, do something about it, it will take 10 mins of your time to sort and then you will have that freedom you dreamed of. They are certainly not perfect, a wired solution is always going to work better but sometimes you need the freedom from the wires. We believe this area on projectors will improve over the next 5 years, it does seem they have lagged behind current trends and so there is ground to make up, There are some very expensive solutions out there which cost £1000's but we don't think it is worth discussing them in this article as people want an affordable easy to use solution.