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September 2015

Which Mobile Projector Screen is Best

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We get asked every day for a mobile projector screens but with over 300 on our website, it can be difficult to know which ones is best for your needs. So I thought why not just write a few lines about the different sorts and see if that helps with your decision making process.

Size Matters? If it is mobile then it needs to be mobile, I know this sounds like a obvious comment but you need to be able to fit it in your mode of transport. If you have a standard car then a 1.5m (5ft) is really the best solution as the canister will be another 15 cm, if you have a decent sized estate car then you will with the seats down get 1.8-2m in without too much bother.

What Type of Screen? The most well known sort of screen is the tripod, floor screen , fastfold screens

What shape should the screen be? The aspect ratio of is the shape, the width to height ratio of the visible viewing area. 4:3 - XGA/SVGA/SXGA+ 16:9 Full HD/1080p 16:10 WXGA/WUXGA+

Screen Material - which one is best? For a mobile front projection screen for normal 2D projection then matt white is perfect.

But if all else fails call for help, we offer telephone advice or can respond to this posting.