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August 2015

What a projector from BenQ offers you

By Deborah Tucker 5 years ago 3718 Views No comments

Watching movies, TV programmes or computer games on a big screen gives your home entertainment a new lease of life. Projectors are taking over from TV, giving a much larger viewing platform, offering flexibility of location and a defined image quality.

The home-cinematic experience can be enjoyed whilst also meeting a budget that suits you. Choosing the best package can be daunting, especially if you're not fluent in techno-talk. With the great range of projectors we're sure you'll find the right BenQ Projector for your requirements.

Are Short Throw Projectors the best solution for Pubs & Clubs?

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Since SKY Sports took the subscription TV for sporting events back in the early 1990 by storm, it has made sense for venues such as sports clubs and pubs to attract customers with the view to increase sales of drinks & food. Terrestrial TV has also not wanting to get left behind on major events like the forthcoming Rugby World Cup starting in Sept 2015 which is being shown on ITV. The challenge is how can a sport club or pub cash in of the showing sports to its customers when budgets are limited or you might not want to put all your money into a leased pub. You could of course go and buy a few 42" TV's stick them up around the pub or club and hope that does the trick, but in truth we all have oversized TV's in our lounges and you are not going to create the wow factor that way. Why not turn to a projector, it will cost less than you think.