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Meet the Technical Sales Advice Team

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There are plenty of websites that offer projectors but few that have the level of in house expertise ready to answer the phone. Keith, Peter and Alan are there to help find you the ideal solution and save you money at the same time. They all have over 5 years experience each and are industry trained on the products they offer to our customers. We believe if we ask the right questions and listen to your needs, then we have a solution that works for you and your budget.

Make your Projector wireless

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Lots of searches are for wireless projectors, in fact Google has this one of the key words people look for, so why then are there only a few wireless models. There clearly is a need for them, the benefits of no ugly wires,everything is wireless, it makes sense to be able to send data to a projector using the WiFi.

Well there are really simple solutions out there that means pretty much every model could be wireless, just add a dongle. Either into your VGA port, USB Port or HDmi port depending on the dongle and what works best for that model. Some of the wireless adapters are tiny, some require power, some will handle full video 1080p quality, others are slow on the bandwidth. Find out the different types and the one that works best for you.

Just Projectors Launch YouTube Channel

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Recently here at Just Projectors we have decided that we should start a YouTube channel looking at some of the models, screens and accessories that we sell, to help you, our customer. The aim of these videos is to give you a helpful analysis on a certain product, we give you all the information you need to know. Including the specifications, what it works well with and a demonstration of the product itself.

Our most recent videos include an overview of the InFocus IN124a and the BenQ TH681+. These are two projectors which come from very reputable brands. We chose these particular models as they are some of our bestsellers, which we love and they are accompanied by fantastic reviews from customers.

Viewsonic PJD6250L - Networkable projector

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When choosing a projector there are many things to consider, will it link to the source I'm using, will it be bright enough for the room, is the quality as good as I need it to be, what special features does it have and will it offer the best value for my budget. So bearing

all that in mind, we believe that the ViewSonic PJD6250L projector will get the big thumbs up.

  • 3300 Lumens XGA Resolution Multiple inputs including full networking
  • Mobile or Installation Use High Contrast Long Lamp Life
  • Bulit in 16w speaker Horz & Vertical Keystone Adjustment

Read More to find out the answers to the question below

Projector Prices are on the up

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In the last few weeks, manufacturers have warned of increases in prices, often it is related to the pound to the dollar or the pound to the euro. They do seem incapable of buying currency to buffer any need for price increases and the poor customer ends up footing the bill. We have purchased a larger volume of stock than normal to help normalise the price. The message is, if you are thinking of buying then now is a good time as prices are on the up.

Which Mobile Projector Screen is Best

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We get asked every day for a mobile projector screens but with over 300 on our website, it can be difficult to know which ones is best for your needs. So I thought why not just write a few lines about the different sorts and see if that helps with your decision making process.

Size Matters? If it is mobile then it needs to be mobile, I know this sounds like a obvious comment but you need to be able to fit it in your mode of transport. If you have a standard car then a 1.5m (5ft) is really the best solution as the canister will be another 15 cm, if you have a decent sized estate car then you will with the seats down get 1.8-2m in without too much bother.

What Type of Screen? The most well known sort of screen is the tripod, floor screen , fastfold screens

What shape should the screen be? The aspect ratio of is the shape, the width to height ratio of the visible viewing area. 4:3 - XGA/SVGA/SXGA+ 16:9 Full HD/1080p 16:10 WXGA/WUXGA+

Screen Material - which one is best? For a mobile front projection screen for normal 2D projection then matt white is perfect.

But if all else fails call for help, we offer telephone advice or can respond to this posting.

What a projector from BenQ offers you

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Watching movies, TV programmes or computer games on a big screen gives your home entertainment a new lease of life. Projectors are taking over from TV, giving a much larger viewing platform, offering flexibility of location and a defined image quality.

The home-cinematic experience can be enjoyed whilst also meeting a budget that suits you. Choosing the best package can be daunting, especially if you're not fluent in techno-talk. With the great range of projectors we're sure you'll find the right BenQ Projector for your requirements.

Are Short Throw Projectors the best solution for Pubs & Clubs?

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Since SKY Sports took the subscription TV for sporting events back in the early 1990 by storm, it has made sense for venues such as sports clubs and pubs to attract customers with the view to increase sales of drinks & food. Terrestrial TV has also not wanting to get left behind on major events like the forthcoming Rugby World Cup starting in Sept 2015 which is being shown on ITV. The challenge is how can a sport club or pub cash in of the showing sports to its customers when budgets are limited or you might not want to put all your money into a leased pub. You could of course go and buy a few 42" TV's stick them up around the pub or club and hope that does the trick, but in truth we all have oversized TV's in our lounges and you are not going to create the wow factor that way. Why not turn to a projector, it will cost less than you think.

5 Things to know when Buying a Replacement Projector

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Projectors last a long time but they need to be replaced eventually, it just isn't working, you want to get a better model, someone stole it. We offer a telephone advice service at Just Projectors and I hear day after day "we are looking for a projector, not sure what to buy, can you help". Of course we do help but most people are amazed at how many different things they needed to know before they purchased, they thought that the price was the main driver and the one they choose would just work. The other feedback we get is when we ran through some basic questions it all made sense and they were happy with the choice, This blog is not about saying how great our advice line is or chat button, although I think we do make it easier, I thought if I could share the 5 basic things you need to know when buying a replacement projector it might just stop the person getting their lovely new projector and it being the wrong model for them, having all the hassle of contacting the shop they purchased it from, better to get it right first time.

1. Get the Right Throw Ratio to ensure the right image size

Is this replacement projector for one that is already hanging on your ceiling or wall and/or do you have a specific place you need to put the projector on the table?

Even if you see a model that looks the same specification then it probably isn't the fact is each projector has what is called a "throw ratio" which determines the ratio of the image size

​Education – how projectors have changed over the last 15 years

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I laugh when I first started Just Projectors in 2001 we were selling 500 lumens SVGA models to education at £2,000, the Ez Pro 500 from Optoma Projectors was a great seller and when I think about how bright there are now compared to them. They couldn’t be mounted very easily and everyone had to sit in the dark. The lamps lasted about 100 hours, had to be changed once a month and they cost £1.50.

If you wanted a one that could work in a school hall then the price was £5,000,it was the size of a spaceship, it came with the horrible composite poor quality input and it weighed about 20 Kgs and you got an amazing 2,000 lumens XGA for that.

There certainly wasn’t one in every room, interactive whiteboards like Smart was just being released and everyone flocked to the Bett Show to see what was on offer. We used to have a stand there, people would come with their order pad (those were the days).