Buyer's Guide

Buying projectors is more complicated than it seems and the technical terms make it worse. We do recommend you call us for advice as often we save you money and make sure you get the right solution.

The thing to remember is you know what you want to use the projector for and you know your rough audience size. Using the filters the choose will be reduced and be more tailored for your needs. If you want specific info about the type of item you are buying then we have some specific advice guides below. If you are installing the projector you need to know:

  • The model number of the existing projector if you have one
  • Image Width x Height
  • Distance between the screen (or wall) and the projector

This gives an idea of the lens throw ratio you need. If you want to us to install for you instead, just call us on 01256 885865 or start and online chat now.

Basic Info - use the filters on the left hand side or top of the projector category pages to narrow down your results

Lumens - this is a rough guide to cover most cases but of course each scenario can differ so gives us a call if you are unsure:

Standard living room, classroom, meeting room etc with lighting control Lumens: 1500-3000 
Standard living room, classroom, meeting room etc with no lighting control Lumens 3000-5000 
Large venue i.e school hall, village hall, church etc. Lumens 5000-8000  
Very large venue i.e. auditorium, high-roofed church etc. Lumens  8000+

Resolution - this is the quality and shape of the image, take into account what needs to be shown on the projector and what you are connecting it to (i.e. high quality laptop, Sky Q etc), again if you are unsure which one suits you best just give us a call:

Standard Definition - OK for basic text, spreadsheets & low res images. The same shape as old TV's. XGA  
Standard Definition but widescreen format - better suited for low resolution video content or connecting to more modern laptops & devices on a lower budget. WXGA
High Definition - this is the quality most TV content is in nowadays. Full HD & WUXGA 
Ultra High Definition - Full HD projectors which shift their pixels to 'mimic' 4K, much better than Full HD in most cases and much more affordable than True 4K. 4K UHD
True 4K - for true movie buffs and dedicated home theatres, the quality you would expect at the cinema. 4K & 4K+

Business Projector Advice  Education Projector FAQs 

General Projector Advice - more detailed and some best selling suggestions