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Just Projectors supply over 6000 projector bulbs with over 75% available for stock for Next Day Delivery. In most cases a certain Projector Lamp will fit more than one projector model usually within the same range. The easiest why to find the right projector bulb is to know which projector brand you have and then choose the correct model. You can then check the part number matches to the part number found on the old projector lamp. If you don't know the brand/model then just use the global search at the top of the page and enter the part number. If you want to speak to our Projector Lamp Specialist Sean on 01189 070705 where he can help you find the right projector lamp and let you know what options are available to you.

There is much confusion regarding Projector lamps , the first thing to point out that all Projector brands use different component suppliers in their projectors and they don't make their own projector lamps. Then main suppliers are Ushio and Philips. Now that the price of projectors has come down considerably from say on average £1000 to around £500, the replacement price of projector lamps which was on average £250 tends to be under £150. So inevitability to make the replacement cost of the projector lamp lower then the whole projector lamp supply has changed. You will now see genuine OEM projector lamps, original inside OEM projector lamp with compatible housings and compatibles where both the lamp and the housing are compatible. So the joining the list of Ushio and Philips are now Diamond Lamps, Go Lamps and Genius Lamps, all of which we are happy to supply- these are compatibles, Diamonds and Go Lamps are original insides and compatible modules and Genius have a range of both original inside with compatible modules and both parts compatible. 90% of all projector lamps are changed when the projector is out of warranty, so there is no problem invalidating a warranty, in fact the only difference on the lamps are a different stamp on the casing. Often the compatibles come with a longer warranty. In fact we usually can upgrade the warranty for an additional fee to 2 years (please ask for full terms and conditions) but in most cases the projector lamp can range from a 3 month to 6 month warranty. If you have seen above Projector Lamp for a significantly cheaper price it could be a counterfeit or also known as a copy lamp, in fact we get at least 3 emails a week from questionable suppliers offering us a lamp at half the normal price. We won't sell them as they won't save you money:- Market Research suggests copy or counterfeit projector lamps:-On Average only last 29% of normal lamp life meaning they are really 4 times the price advertised.They infringe the copyright/patents of the manufacturers lamps.Never quite fit properly In regard to our stock levels we physically do not hold projector lamps in stock but buy directly from the manufacturers approved distributor, this is what 99.9% of all companies like us do. Our task is buy the best quality projector lamp at the best price for you with the best delivery options from a reputable supplier. In most cases they are located in the UK but in certain circumstances it is based in France (this is still a next day service). We do not hold stock as this would increase our prices to you and by buying daily we can keep costs lower. In general we only show a positive stock number if have stock available for next day. Please note that projectors have a part in them called a lamp ballast unit, which is basically the power supply to the lamp module, under some circumstances it may well not even be your projector lamp that has failed but this ballast unit, this will mean that you buy a lamp and it doesn't solve the problem. To repair a lamp ballast unit is in the region of £200-£300 So why not consider this before you buy a projector lamp, often a new projector is less money than you think and really buying an lamp for an old model with no warranty doesn't usually make financial sense Please note that if your projector is more than 5 years old and a low resolution then maybe it is time for an upgrade ;4 reasons why you should consider replacing your projector rather than buy a new lamp. Latest Technology - more suitable resolutions such as WXGA for wide screen viewing to match your new laptop or PC.Newer projectors offer improved lamp life and significantly lower power consumptions - known as TCO (Total cost of ownership).Better Colours on DLP (more segments on the colour wheel offering a better palette).Cheaper Lamps going forward.Brighter projectors at lower prices Lamp Life on your original projector lamp is always estimated to say 2000-4000 hours and the reason is that how you use the projector , i.e. time running, conditions etc. will have a significant impact on the hours the projector lasts, we have found that due to improvements in projectors , then projector bulbs do last longer.

  1. BenQ Projector Lamp to fit MH680
    Excl. Tax: £100.53 Incl. Tax: £120.64
  2. Optoma Lamp to fit HD6720 Projector
    Excl. Tax: £100.64 Incl. Tax: £120.77
  3. SKU
  4. Sony Single Lamp to fit VPL-CW255 VPL-CX235 Projector
    Excl. Tax: £211.75 Incl. Tax: £254.10
  5. Sony Lamp to fit VPL-FH500L VPL-FX500L Projector
    Excl. Tax: £209.79 Incl. Tax: £251.75
  6. Sony Lamp to fit VPL-FX30 Projector
    Excl. Tax: £144.83 Incl. Tax: £173.80
  7. Epson Projector Lamp to fit EMP-W5D EMP-TWD10 EMP-TWD1
    Excl. Tax: £114.83 Incl. Tax: £137.80
  8. Epson Projector Lamp to fit EMP-S4
    Excl. Tax: £185.83 Incl. Tax: £223.00
  9. Christie Projector Lamp to fit LW400 LWU420 LX400
    Excl. Tax: £237.28 Incl. Tax: £284.74
If you don't see the lamp you need, then either call us 01189 070714, click on the chat button or go to any lamp page and click on request a call back. We sell 99% of all projector lamps and at a low price so it's worth checking with us.